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Adams Park Artwork by Ayokunle Odeleye


The artwork on the front of the Adams Park Branch library is by Ayokunle Odeleye. A professor of art at Kennesaw State University, Odeleye holds an MFA in Sculpture from Howard University.

Odeleye's works are exhibited nationwide. Other of the artists' works in the Atlanta area are Homage to the Ancestors, an outdoor mural located at Auburn and Piedmont Avenues, and Ancestral Totem at Clayton State University.

Ayokunle Odeleye with model
The artist describes the Adams Park Library sculpture in the following statement:

The Adams Park Library artwork, measuring 12 feet wide and 3 feet high, is created from hand formed stainless steel with a weight of approximately six hundred pounds per panel. The images on the panel represent a diversity of subject areas that can be found within a library's reading material. The panels are designed to suggest to young people all the wonderful range of things that can be discovered through the activity of reading.

Among the subject areas found on the two sections are those representing family and community, African history and culture, education, science, mathematics, and imagery relating to the natural world and some of its occupants.

This artwork was sponsored by the Fulton County Arts Council's Public Art Program. This program places are in community locations countywide.

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